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TFCA Services

TFCA members are offered a suite of benefits that offer both immediate and industry general benefits to their businesses.
Membership levies are weighted to ensure maximum return on dollars contributed, even if contractors choose to only use a proportion of the total available service on offer.

In addition to networking opportunities, invitations to TFCA seminars, meetings and social functions, members of the TFCA are able to utilise any of the following three categories of services:
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1. In Field Service: including provision of training, assessments and re-assessments. This category also includes assistance with field operational issues.

2. Industry Representation: the TFCA represents its members on the various boards, committees and councils.

3. Business Services: including networking and information, assistance with day-to-day business operations, provision of a comprehensive industrial relations service, operation of a wages bureau service.
The TFCA also stock a wide range of publications and stationery.

TFCA Membership is an insurance policy !

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