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TFCA Member Benefits Explained

1. Monthly Newsletter

Every TFCA member receives a copy of our monthly newsletter. This newsletter includes important details about your industry as well as explains new services that you may wish to take advantage of. TFCA’s industry partners use the newsletter to promote products and services.

Life Members - Murray Grose, Mick McCulloch (dec) and Andy Padgett

Life Members - Murray Grose, Mick McCulloch (dec) and Andy Padgett

2. TFCA Website

TFCA maintains a website for members and the general public. The address is www.tfca.com.au. All of TFCA’s newsletters, media releases and even some of our policy documents are available on this website for member to review. It is also envisaged that this website will contain details of and links to the various products and services offered to members by TFCA’s partners.

Leo Cotton - Life Member (dec)

Leo Cotton - Life Member (dec)

3. General TFCA Representation

As the peak body for Forest Contractors in the State of Tasmania, TFCA has an extensive lobbying and representational role. Aside from regular meetings with principal companies, Government Departments and politicians, TFCA has representation on a number of Boards and Councils including:

  • Forests and Forest Industry Council
  • Tasmanian Forest Industry Training Board
  • Forest Practices Advisory Council
  • Heavy Vehicle Safety Council
  • Forest Products Transport Council
  • Bush Watch
  • Road Transport Training
  • TFITB Safety Standards Committee
  • Fire Prevention Committee

TFCA has successfully lobbied for involvement in reviews of heavy vehicle driver fatigue, Forest Practices Code and the Fair Contracts Code. Members can be assured of having their views appropriately represented through these various forums and these are an excellent example of TFCA working for you and for the industry.

4. Individual TFCA Representation

Depending on the membership level, you may be entitled to individual TFCA representation. Typical services that we provide to members include:

  • Field assessments and training for the various tasks undertaken by contractors and their employees such as machinery and chainsaw operation
  • Assistance with the development of industrial agreements as well as the implementation of industrial awards
  • Industrial and contractual advocacy
  • Implementation of safety management systems
  • Fire weather observation training
  • Determination of rates for benchmarking, insurance, contractual and mediation obligations
Rodney Bishop - TFCA Chairman

Rodney Bishop - TFCA Chairman

5. Specialist External Assistance

TFCA has an excellent arrangement with Page Seager Lawyers that provides members with one (1) hour’s free consultation and very competitive rates after that. TFCA also has excellent links with the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) that members can take advantage of.

6. Other Benefits

The TFCA provides discounted stationery and publications to members as well as manages a competitive wages bureau for small businesses.

TFCA Membership is an insurance policy and a ONE STOP SHOP !
If we haven’t got the answer, we’ll work hard to track it down and/or point you in the right direction !

TFCA Membership is an insurance policy !

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