Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association

TFCA Objective

To improve the profitability and safety of forestry contractors, by providing both immediate and long term benefits.

Acting as a liaison between all stakeholders, ensuring that contractor’s interests are represented, thus, providing key services that add value to forestry contractors businesses.

The Tasmanian Timber and Log Haulier’s Association was formed in 1963. It became the Tasmanian Logging Association in 1978 and in 1982 a full time secretariat was established.

In 2003 the Association broadened its focus to include all forestry contractors within Tasmania , including but not limited to silviculture, site preparation and forestry road construction contractors. Subsequently, at the 2004 Annual General Meeting members voted to change the company name to the Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association Ltd.

Strength in Numbers: In the employment statistic breakdown conducted by ‘Grist, Tran and Ball (2000)’ the data quantifies that there are 2,788 employees employed within the ‘Harvesting and Plantation Establishment’ sector of the Industry. This data did not include the transport sector. For this reason the TFCA believe a figure closer to 4,000 employees best represents the forest contracting sector’s actual employment.

Initially, the TFCA represented the interests of the harvesting and transport sector only and subsequently this category forms the vast majority or our current membership base.

There are approximately 140 individual harvesting businesses working within Tasmania, together these businesses operate over 240 separate harvest operations and collectively harvest and cart close to 6 million tonnes per annum. Investment in the form of equipment and fixed infrastructure represents over $500 million for harvesting and transport alone.

The TFCA have strong membership levels within this Industry segment, and as a result, represent 85% of the total woodlfows produced by forest contractors within Tasmania.

TFCA Membership is an insurance policy !

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