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About the TFCA

The Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association is a not for profit organisation, actively working on behalf of its membership base with the primary objective of improving the profitability and safety of the forestry contracting businesses.

The TFCA operates as a corporate body where a Board of Directors are nominated and elected by members at an Annual General Meeting. All Directors represent logging, transport, silviculture or other forestry contractors.

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1. TFCA Objective:
To improve the profitability and safety of forestry contractors, by providing both immediate and long term benefits. Acting as a liaison between all stakeholders, ensuring that contractor’s interests are represented, thus, providing key services that add value to forestry contractors businesses.

2. TFCA Structure:
The Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association is set up in such a way that it caters for the requirements of its membership by employing workers who specialise in the various areas we represent.

3. TFCA Photo Gallery:
These photos represent images of the history of logging in Tasmania and other states from as far back as the early 1900′s to the present day.

Every contractor should be a member of the Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association.

It’s your association, and the wider the representation, the more effective it becomes.

Please support us, so we can support you.

TFCA Membership is an insurance policy !

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